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Building Brands that Humans Love

We’re two women on a mission: to demystify branding and delight your customers.


Small Business Branding 101: The Book — Now Available!

Marketing can be pretty exhausting when you don’t have a strong brand. But what is a brand? And how do you create one in the real world, where time and money don’t grow on trees?

Small Business Branding 101 is a crash course for entrepreneurs. Discover our proven, step-by-step process for building an irresistible identity for your business.


“YOU. NAILED. IT. It’s like looking in the mirror and loving what you see. I am astonished. Grateful. And think you are an absolute genius. Plus, a delight to work with.

Julie Morgenstern | Productivity Consultant & New York Times bestselling author

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A branding agency that gets small business

Since 2015, Sunbird has partnered with over 100 small businesses, from artisans and restaurants to law firms and social enterprises. We love working with entrepreneurs who want to do good and do well.

Mara (our design wizard) and Bianca (our savvy strategist) supercharge brands in 1-10 days using an energizing, emotionally intelligent process.


We answer real questions about building an irresistible brand on our podcast.


Some of our superhero clients: