Bianca van der Meulen
Co-founder | CEO | Strategist

Books and business: they have a lot in common. Bianca stumbled into entrepreneurship after graduating summa cum laude from NYU with a literature degree. During 4+ years as a freelance writer, she learned from her own small business clients that she was, in fact, a small business owner. Why not embrace it? So she took her talent for strategic thinking, married it to her skill as a wordsmith, and launched Sunbird Creative with her favorite graphic designer. She spends her days blissfully shaping strategies and sentences. Fun fact: Bianca is also a painter, poet, and certified Customer Value Optimization SpecialistGet in touch at


Mara Measor
Co-founder | creative director

Mara began her design career soon after graduating with a BFA from NYU. She completed graphic design certification at The Computer Academy in Hong Kong as well as branding and marketing courses through The Wharton School. Through designing her own website, CDs, and branded collateral as a singer-songwriter, Mara realized how much she loved telling visual stories and presenting information creatively, first for herself and then for others. Over the past four years, she has worked with clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs looking to start their own small businesses to venture-backed startups with millions of dollars in revenue. Reach out at


Alicia Galan
Content Manager

Alicia was Sunbird's first intern—and we couldn't let her go! Alicia studies marketing and music at Baruch College. She's a Staten Island native, poet, and music lover. (She's seen over 100 bands live.) Alicia is also the proud owner of a fat cat named Jack Jack. To talk content marketing or upcoming concerts, hit Alicia up at