Sunbird Creative Was Named Top 20 Branding Agency by Agency Spotter

Every quarter, global search platform Agency Spotter publishes reports on the best agencies on their platform. This August, we were chosen from among 2,000 candidates as one of Agency Spotter's Top 20 Branding Agencies! 

How did we make the list? Doing great work is one obvious answer. Without a consistently excellent service (or product), it's impossible to build a praise-worthy brand. But how Agency Spotter figures out who's worthy of this honor is an interesting case study in building an effective online presence.

How do people who have never hired us judge the quality of our work? The methods they use and the questions they ask are the same ones your potential customers ask when evaluating you. In this post, we deconstruct Agency Spotter's ranking factors to show you how to win your own awards -- and your customers' hearts.


the top 4 ranking factors

How can people who've never met you decide how good your business is? Agency Spotter has four key ranking factors. Keep these in mind mind when creating your own listing or developing your website! 

1. Portfolio

Like your potential customers, Agency Spotter looks for a competitive portfolio that clearly articulates what makes each company stand out. Our focus on small business branding and our work with solo and women entrepreneurs differentiates us from agencies who only work with the big dogs. (We much prefer the underdogs!)

2. Projects

Your potential customers want to know what you've done; Agency Spotter looks for client verification and completed projects. This tells them that an agency is alive, active, and doing good work! Our Agency Spotter portfolio, for example, includes up-to-date brand identity and website projects for The Egg Roll Queen, Lespri Spa Services, and Shop Harlem Made.  If you're a service business, describe the work you did and results you've gotten for clients. If you're a product business, feature bestselling and new products.

3. Reviews

When it comes to evaluating an unknown business, reviews are pure gold. Agency Spotter looks for reviews from clients who confirm their identity and give details like the budget of their project and what it was like to work with the branding agency. If you don't feature reviews on your website, add them ASAP! You might believe in your product or service wholeheartedly, but an unbiased opinion is worth a lot more to a hesitant potential customer.

4. Engagement

Engagement is a huge marker of social proof. Agency Spotter looks at how users of the platform engage with each agency listing -- do they favorite any projects? Share the agency with a friend? Click on their website link? Short of buying the actual service, these are all signs that users like what they see and want to know more. Social media shares, the length of time visitors stay on your website, and email click rates are important engagement metrics to track if you want to know whether your content is hitting home.