5 Ways the Interact Quiz Builder Makes Brand-Building Easier

Interactive quizzes are a powerful marketing tool... if you have the time to master them. We've tried other quiz creation software in the past and were sold on its potential. Every week I got stories in my inbox about other business owners who were raking in thousands of new email subscribers and warm leads using quizzes. So we played around with quiz ideas and even published a few. But in the end, the software was too limited and the learning curve too steep to be worth the investment.

Enter Interact. Interact is different from other quiz creation tools in a very important way: it makes creating relevant, branded quizzes ridiculously easy. Here's how.


1. Interact is perfect for beginners

interact 1

This question says it all. Interact assumes that you may be a first-time quiz creator, making you feel taken care of from the moment you log in. Although, to be fair, the steps for a newbie and experienced quiz creator are both super simple.


2. Get Pre-loaded quizzes for your exact industry ready to publish

interact 2
interact 7

Interact's pre-loaded quizzes almost feel like cheating. We wouldn't recommend publishing one of their off-the-shelf quizzes without changing anything, but we won't judge you if you do. What's really incredible is that it's even an option. (You can even sort by conversion rate, which means that Interact has tested these quizzes and is helping you choose the most effective ones!) If you're truly terrible at coming up with content that's simple and effective for your market, these ready-to-go quizzes are a perfect place to start.


3. Choose from 3 different quiz types

interact 3

There are different quiz types for different purposes. Personality quizzes tend to be the most popular, because who isn't tempted by the idea of finding out which Disney character is their spirit animal?? Personality quizzes are especially easy if you know your target audience well. But Assessment and Scoring quizzes are also excellent for engaging potential customers on topics that matter to them.


4. Apply your styling guidelines with ease

Our quiz before getting styled

Our quiz before getting styled

Our quiz after getting styled

Our quiz after getting styled

There's your content, then there's your content. Interact builds brand recognition by making it possible (and, of course, easy!) to apply your own colors, fonts, and logo to your quizzes. It's strange that this isn't standard practice for all quiz generators, considering that the entire point of quizzes is to grow your brand. But thankfully Interact is aware of the importance of a consistent look and feel!


5. Integrate with a gazillion email apps

interact 6

Obviously, email integration is a big deal when it comes to interactive quizzes. The best way to capture leads from your quiz is to give them the opportunity to opt in to your email list, so they can get super-relevant content that promotes your brand long after the quiz has been taken and forgotten. And Interact has done the back-end work to make this part easy. I have literally never seen any software offer so many email integrations. I haven't even heard of half these email  marketing apps! (That winking monkey is the one we use and recommend, for many of the same reasons we love Interact!)

So there you have it. Interact is beginner-friendly quiz creation software that allows you to build your brand recognition and email list in, quite literally, seconds (if you're willing to publish a pre-loaded quiz!). If you're interested in taking your content strategy to the next level with quizzes, we recommend Interact over competitors who shall remain unnamed.

Disclaimer: As referral partners, we get a commission if you get Interact's service! We only recommend products and services we personally use and believe in.