Sunbird Launches Classes!

Last week, we launched our first Sunbird-run class. Naturally, we were hooked on the thrill of passing on what we’ve learned to a crop of bright entrepreneurs.

For those of you familiar with traditional creative agencies, the idea of adding classes to Sunbird’s services may surprise you. Because we love to talk business strategy with other entrepreneurs, we want to share the rationale behind starting this education arm. Why are we doing it, and how does it affect our mission, brand, and business model?

Here’s the short version of our journey:

  1. Like most business owners, when we started Sunbird Creative we were open to all kinds of projects. Our goal was to work with as many local businesses as possible, as quickly as possible. And oh, we did! We created Wordpress websites (gasp!), wrote blog posts, and helped clients with everything from packing boxes to creating spreadsheets.
  2. Of course, we always knew that manically taking on any work at any price wasn’t sustainable. We were working overtime and (in the spirit of total transparency) making less than $4/hour for much of our first year. It was time to start charging more reasonable rates and focusing on what we loved and did extremely well: branding.
  3. At first, it was difficult to say no to opportunities that didn’t fit our own brand. But in our second year, finding our focus and embracing our niche paid off. In fact, it worked so well that we were soon overwhelmed with projects again. But this time, the projects were right up our alley and could actually pay the bills  
  4. As wonderful as it was to get bigger projects, we felt a tension. We missed working with passionate entrepreneurs who weren’t ready for professional branding help. How could we help those small business owners without breaking their budgets? 
  5. Fast forward to our third year, and we’re finally ready to implement the solution to our conundrum: education. Classes are our way of serving those entrepreneurs who have a lot more time than money. We can teach the skills and tools small business owners need to build out the basics of their brand on their own, with a little guidance along the way. While we can do that same work more quickly and with our own style and expertise, there’s a lot that a motivated entrepreneur can accomplish on their own! We want to empower our clients to grow brands that are irresistible to their niche, whether or not they have the budget to hire creatives to help them just yet.

What classes will Sunbird Offer?


In line with what we believe are the steps to building a strong brand, we plan to roll out classes you can take at every step of the process. We will launch classes according to popular demand, so leave a comment below or fill out the form at the bottom of this post to vote for the class you want to see next!

Brand Identity

  • Build Your Brand Profile (coming soon)
  • Crafting the Language of your Brand (coming soon)
  • Create Your Irresistible Logo (coming soon)
  • Make Your Brand Style Guide (coming soon)

Squarespace Website

Brand Assets

  • Working with Canva (coming soon)
  • Working with Mailchimp (coming soon)

What makes Sunbird classes different?

Small Size

Like many creatives, Bianca and I are introverts. We thrive in small, intimate settings—and we know how to create a cozy, productive environment. Our classes will be more like friendly gatherings than large college lectures. For now our classes will be capped at 6 participants, so that each person can get their questions and concerns addressed. 

Excellent Resources

For each of our classes, we create our own materials for you to take away based on our first-hand understanding of what small business owners and solopreneurs really need to know (and what they don’t). We know that our clients all have too much on their minds, so we don’t plan to further crowd that precious space with unnecessary information.

Workshop Time

In our own experience, nothing beats actually trying something out. We will include workshop time in each class for you to immediately implement what you are learning. That way, when questions arise (as they are prone to do), we can address them immediately. We all know how frustrating it is to take a great class, go home enthusiastic and excited, and then find out you don’t actually know how to use any of the skills you just learned.

Upcoming Classes - Cast Your vote!

Check back on our Classes page over the next few months to see the different offerings we’ll be rolling out! When you see one you need, sign up fast—there are only six seats after all 😉

Which class would you like us to offer next? Fill out the form below to cast your vote!

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