5 Myths About DIY Designs

The third in a series from our brilliant intern Alicia.

There’s no getting around it: You need graphic design to develop an effective brand. A tight budget may make it hard to see the necessity of hiring a professional. It’s tempting to put professional design in the “nice-to-have” category, something that only big businesses can afford. It may seem that DIY is the “smart” choice for your business, but sometimes DIY can end in disaster.

Last summer I made the bold and daring decision to dye my hair blue. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal; it’s common now to see people with hair of all shades of the rainbow. However, I decided I would dye it by myself. You’ll save money, friends and family said. No one will tell the difference, they said. I wasn’t worried at all.

Halfway through dying my hair, I realized I had made a mistake.

The cheap box dye I had purchased stained my hands through the gloves I was wearing to avoid that exact outcome. It also stained the new, very expensive vanity in my bathroom that my mom loves more than she loves me. As for my hair? It turned out horrible. I couldn’t see the back of my head, so some patches of my hair were splotchy. I accidentally got some dye on my scalp, resulting in an intensely bright blue hair line that lasted for days. I looked ridiculous.Ultimately I had to go to a salon to get it fixed. I didn’t save time, I didn’t save money, and my DIY disaster was anything but discreet.

Although you probably won’t end up scrubbing dye off a bathroom sink with a toothbrush, choosing to DIY when it comes to graphic design can also have its consequences. DIY graphic design may seem like an easy go-to, but like many things that seem easy at first, it may not turn out the way you hoped it would.

Here are five common misconceptions about DIY graphic design:


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