5 Reasons Why a good Logo is Worth the Investment

The first in a series from our brilliant intern Alicia.

You’re confident that you have a product or service that people will desire. You’re confident in your business mission and what your brand stands for. However, you don’t find it necessary to pay someone else to design your logo, when you could just make one yourself. So you decide to just throw together a simple design that you made in a free program, and slap it on all of your products or merchandise: boom, a logo. Done. What could go wrong?

Your current customers love your product or service, but potential customers never get to know your business because they’re confused by your sloppy and incoherent logo.

Last summer, my best friend worked as a sales associate at a tiny store in our local mall. When she told me the name of the store, I didn’t recognize it—until she described it to me as “the one that no one ever goes to.” I knew exactly which store she was talking about. Every mall has one of those stores—you know exactly where it is, but you don’t know what they sell because you’ve never actually been inside. Once she started working there, I decided to check out what they have, and to find out why they never have any customers.

When I first walked in, I wasn’t surprised to find out that I was the only customer in the boutique—and the only customer my friend had seen all day. As I took a look around, I noticed that they actually had some pretty decent clothes. When I tried on a pair of leggings, I concluded that they were pretty good quality too. I ended up at the register with four pairs of leggings (two of them free, thanks to to family and friend discounts), but no answer as to why no one ever shops there.

As my friend was ringing me up, I looked up to see a giant sign of the store’s name plastered in the ugliest script font and brightest shade of orange I have ever seen. The thing was massive, and it was right over my friend’s head, behind the register. Naturally I pointed to it and asked, “What the hell is that?” She informed me that it was in fact the store’s logo and added, “Yeah, it’s pretty gross, right?”

I suddenly wondered if this same logo was everywhere else. When I left the store and checked my purchases, I confirmed that this same (hideous) logo was on their tags and displayed on the outside of their store. This obnoxious and blinding lettering was the first thing that people saw when they approached the store, and the last thing they saw before they decided whether or not to make a purchase. No wonder the store was always empty, and my friend was always giving me free leggings.

Unfortunately for this lovely boutique, most consumers react the same way I did when confronted with that unattractive logo. We customers are a judgemental bunch, and first impressions are crucial. All that time, energy, and money you have invested into creating the perfect brand that aligns with your business and its goals mean nothing if your potential customers cannot instantly and easily associate with to a memorable symbol. Your logo is a visual representation of your brand; it is how the world will identify you. It needs to be given the same care that you give to your finances when you file your taxes; it needs to be done by a professional.

Here are 5 reasons why a strong logo is worth the investment:


1. Humans have a very short attention span.

As consumers, in the first ten seconds we view a brand’s logo, our first impression has already formed (CS). This means that small businesses must have a logo that will instantly impress their target audience. This instant attraction can only come from a logo that was designed professionally, by someone who knows exactly how to translate and condense your vision into a clear and powerful symbol.


2. You need an outside perspective to truly capture your brand’s vision.

It’s easy for clients to think that all a good logo needs is originality and style. In reality, a great logo is much more than that; it’s a symbol that accurately portrays your business’ purpose and values (DS). This kind of outcome only comes through collaboration. You need to talk to your graphic designer, explain exactly what your business stands for, and then his or her expertise and outside perspective can combine to create your brand’s unique logo.


3. You’re going to be seeing your logo a lot—on pretty much everything.

Your logo is your brand’s signature; it’s a way to claim what’s yours without actually putting your name on it. Think of it on your website, your product or service, your merchandise, everywhere. Do you really want to see a symbol that makes you cringe every time you look at it? For you to be proud of your logo, it has to be done right, by someone who knows what he or she is doing and has designed countless logos for a multitude of very satisfied and successful clients.


4. You’re an entrepreneur; you have no time!

 As a small business owner, no matter how new, you are juggling a million and five things in order to make your dream a reality (and you’re probably doing awesome, by the way!). Why would you want to add another thing to your already very crowded plate? Focus on the most important thing—managing your business, and let a designer take on the task of creating your logo. Plus, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that he or she has experience in the craft, whereas you may not even know where to begin (MCD).


5. People talk.

If you have a unique and attractive logo, people will be proud to own your product or to have received your service. If someone is proud of your brand, they will not be shy about it. This will lead to more referrals and cause your brand to gain more recognition (MP). One way to make sure your logo is worthy enough to talk about is to get it designed professionally.


Bottom Line: A logo is the most memorable identifier of your brand. It is a symbol that will last the lifetime of your business. Hiring a graphic designer can give you the assurance that your logo will be created with the care it deserves.