A Dating Profile... for Your Business


People don't return your messages or click through your pictures. You've worn yourself thin attending events and making superficial connections. The competition is discouraging. Your friends tell you you're amazing, but something must be off. You haven't gotten a single call.

This is the plight of a poorly branded business. 

A successful dating profile explains why people should start a relationship with you, not the 7 billion other people on our planet (or 33 million members of eHarmony). A Brand Profile does the same for your business. 

A Brief History of Dating

Before the existence of the Internet and its friendly cousin, social media, the average person didn't ever need to think about "profiles." Single people in the 30s and 40s simply married a "good enough" guy or gal in their neighborhood (see Modern Romance for a hilarious history of romance). Unless you were a celebrity, why would you need to manage your public image?

Things weren't too different in business. All a small business needed to thrive was a good location and an occasional ad in the local paper. Like romances, businesses were built on word of mouth. Only Coca Cola and movie stars needed a "brand."

The Perils of Bad Profiles

Tasteless blogs are filled with snippets of awful dating profiles. But what makes us scroll right over the hundreds of not-awful profiles of possibly perfect people we'll never get to know? 

A brand doesn't have to be terrible to be bad. In fact, more small business brands suffer from mediocrity than from huge mistakes. Think of a dry cleaner that disappears from its location, only to be replaced by what might as well be a carbon copy. Think of a new beauty brand's online store, featuring sales in modern black letters sandwiched by gorgeous young women with dewy skin. Do you remember their names?

Strategy Is the Answer

Mediocre branding comes from mediocre brand strategy. It takes a serious effort to sit down and think through what makes you compelling. It's not easy to think about what kind of person you'd like to connect with, and how to present yourself to them in a way that will pique their interest.

But it's so worth it. A good profile inspires people to reach out to you. And not just any people--the right ones.