Website Redesign for Central Park Women's Health


Step 1: Understanding the problem

Central Park Women's Health was providing excellent medical services to their clients, with a renowned doctor heading the practice. But their website was due for an upgrade, due to the following issues:

  • Overall dated look and feel
  • Broken links
  • Confusing navigation
  • Buried content

Step 2: Website Re-design

We started by freshening the logo of the business, and then proceeded to give a fresh, clean, and professional makeover for the entire site. 

Along the way, we:

  • Created a consistent color palette
  • Updated the imagery across the site
  • Clearly distinguished the different types of services, and detailed explanations for each
  • Incorporated the excellent review Dr Mamdani consistent received around the site
  • Added stronger calls to action on each page
  • Cleaned up the descriptions and other text throughout

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