The 3S Method: How to Choose Your Social Media Platforms

When Bianca and I started Sunbird Creative, we knew we’d have to start thinking about social media platforms sooner or later. But as a small business with limited resources, we also knew that our time was valuable.

There is a danger in trying to do everything. When you don't pick specific channels, you have great intentions. You will sign up for Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and Snapchat, and whatever new platform your teenage cousin told you about. You will post on all of them every day, without much of a plan for any. And you will get overwhelmed.

We'd like to propose a way to fight the madness. It's called the 3S Method: Say, Show, and Share. After you understand the three categories, pick one channel for each. Instead of throwing yourself willy-nilly at the social media black hole, you'll dominate those three channels, with a clear purpose. Once you've dominated these three channels comfortably for 6 months to a year, you might think about expanding. But first things first!

SAY: The channel for speaking your mind with a strong voice. This is where you really communicate the heart and messages of your business. 

Possible channels: a blog, a Youtube channel, Tumblr.

SHOW: The channel for giving your audience a visual representation of your business. Research shows that on social media, people are 94% more likely to engage with posts that include an image! (Crazy, right?!) 

Possible channels: Instagram, FB page, Snapchat, Pinterest.

SHARE: The channel for having truly 2-way conversations with your community. It's a place to engage, ask questions, and learn more about your customers.

Possible channels are Linkedin groups, FB groups, forums, discussion groups.

At the end of the day, it’s better to excel in a few channels than spread yourself too thin. Don't spend another morning wondering which picture of your dog to post to 6 of your 8 channels! The 3S Method will help you streamline your efforts and achieve peace of mind.

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