Guest Post Alert! We Give You the Skinny on Content Marketing via One Woman Shop

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you news from the home front. I recently published an article on One Woman Shop, a wonderful online resource for solopreneurs, about content marketing! The takeaway? We Sunbirds want you to know that anyone can create a sound content strategy that speaks to your audience. You don't have to be like that friend-of-a-friend's blogger friend with 500,000 Twitter followers. 

Here's a little sneak peek into the Why content marketing? section of the article. Follow the link below to get the what's and how's!

The philosophy behind content marketing is that when you offer people free published material they care about, they will be drawn to your business. You essentially become a personalized media outlet just for your target market.

Though it’s relatively “new” in business, content marketing is not a new idea. The earliest known example is John Deere’s magazine, which was so successful it is still in circulation today.

Done right, content marketing will naturally integrate with your other marketing tactics, helping you engage the right audiences at the right time. Some of your content will draw in people who’ve never heard of you; some will help them understand what you offer; and some will keep you on the minds of your past customers. It spans both B2C and B2B markets in effectiveness.

Read on for the what's and how's