Brand Identity for Hecho en Harlem



Hecho en Harlem’s founder had recently transitioned from full-time teaching to full-time business ownership when we came alongside the company. In addition to taking business classes and marketing her products, Ifé designed and crafted every piece of jewelry herself. Dissatisfied with her website and the inconsistency across her social media images, she was looking to rebrand.

After discovering Ifé's strong values, including community involvement and passion for the creative process, we helped her craft a vision statement that summed up the purpose of her business. We also helped her focus her marketing on the target segment that most identified with her vision: young professional women with a bold fashion sense and desire to be unique. 


STEP 2: Style guide, logo, business cards

After discerning Hecho en Harlem’s differentiators, we created an equally feminine and modern Style Guide based on geometric forms and strong colors. Ifé’s favorite shape, the triangle, became central to the Style Guide as a symbol of dynamism, structure, and unity. The predominance of black and white gives the brand a bold, elegant feel, while the bright complementary colors communicates the brand’s spunk and originality.



For Hecho en Harlem’s website, we capitalized on the photography of HEH jewelry, culled from both the company’s photo shoots and customers’ images on social media. Visitors immediately enter a world of unique women confidently sporting HEH earrings, rings, and necklaces. We placed high priority on easy navigation for customers who know what they want, as well as created a lookbook page for customers interested by the strong artistic element of the business. We also created a custom graphic describing the process of making jewelry for customers who want to look behind the scenes.

So that Ifé could maintain the website herself, we ended the project with a SquareSpace tutorial. Today Ifé manages the site herself, adding new products and images as they come out. She has received excellent feedback from customers on the results of the rebranding.


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