We made it! Reflections on our first year of business.

The Sunbirds are proud to announce that we have hit a major milestone. On February 3, 2017, we celebrated our official one year anniversary, surrounded by friends & partners at Yatenga Bistro in Harlem. 

We don't often talk about what it's like behind the scenes. But in the spirit of growth and celebration, we want to share what it's been like to jump from freelancers to co-founders. May our reflections speak to your journey.

reflections from BIANCA: 

Mara and I often joke that we have a lot more stability as co-founders than we did as freelancers. It's true. We were used to risk, change, and a fluctuating income. But neither of us was used to working on a "project" with a thousand unknowns that could last a lifetime! I never expected to learn as much about life in Year 1 as I did about business. 

The roller coaster of the last 12 months has left me with four lessons I think it would have otherwise taken me a decade to learn. At this rate, I'll have the wisdom (and gray hairs) of an 95-year-old before I'm 40. God bless entrepreneurship.

  1. It's more than okay lean in to what I'm good at and let others help with the rest. 
  2. Profit must be part of the health — but not purpose — of any business.
  3. Confident people admit what they don't know, and humble people acknowledge what they do know.
  4. Everything takes longer than you think!

reflections from Mara

As someone who is motivated by good relationships, wanting to help our clients as best as we can has made me a glutton for learning this past year. Each time I struggled to answer a client's question, I would go to my computer and spend time learning and understanding the topic, so that the next time someone asked that same question, I could answer with a smile and make him or her feel taken care of.

I thought that owning a business would be similar to the freelance career I'd started 6 years ago, but I quickly learned that it's so much more. To have a brand that stands for something, that keeps people coming back to you, that grows and blossoms—requires a lot of research, a lot of listening, and a lot of patience. I'm so thankful for our clients who are on this entrepreneurship journey with us, and truly understand what the struggle is like!

I'm deeply excited to keep growing and learning with this beautiful Sunbird Community. 

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Mara Measor