Brand Identity for BDAC

Step 1: Understanding the challenge

From the moment we met Ebony, we knew she was the one for us. We understood and echoed her passions, we saw a clear need, and we believed we could meet that need. When we took a look at Ebony's website before our first meeting, our response was:

  • Wow, this lady has done a LOT of impressive and beautiful work
  • But we can't quite tell exactly what she does...

Step 2: The Brand Profile

To bring clarity to the overwhelming amount of (great) information on Ebony's site, Bianca went through the Brand Profile process with Ebony, with the goal of landing on a clear sense of direction for Ebony's brand and core offerings.


Step 3: Visual Re-Design

With a clear brand strategy laid out, we began the work of creating a refreshed, simple, and professional look for Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative. After piecing together an inspiration board and going through rounds of ideas and feedback, we created her brand new logo.

Finally, we created a plan for organizing all the different aspects of Ebony's work. Her new website was based on that new organization. 

Ebony is proud of her new site and ready to tackle "big fish" clients. And her site visitors can say, "Wow, this lady has done a lot of impressive work, and I know exactly what she does!"