The Perfect Way to Build Websites for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

Nothing says "I take my business seriously" like your own .com. So you've decided to create a website. The domain's been bought, gorgeous sites have been drooled over, and every website tips blog post ever published has been read. Your site is going to wow the pants off all your potential customers and convince them to do business with you IMMEDIATELY.

The only problem is: you still have to build it. Where do you start? 

Here's a rundown of the three most common ways to build a website. After looking at the pros and cons of these options, you'll see why our alternative is better for almost every solopreneur and small business owner.

The Fancy Option

Hire a full-service agency to build your site from scratch.

Financial Investment: $$$
Time Investment: Low
Best for: Established businesses with complex website needs and a huge budget.

Pros: Limitless possibilities!
Cons: Very expensive; very little control of the backend (making you reliant on developer); ongoing maintenance costs


Hire a developer to develop your site (most often on Wordpress).

Financial Investment: $$
Time Investment: Medium
Best for: Small/medium businesses with some advanced website needs and a decent monthly marketing budget.

Pros: Lots of flexibility thanks to combination of templates, plugins, and developer expertise
Cons: Difficult to learn/manage backend; high-maintenance site; developers don't necessarily have design or marketing expertise


Build the site yourself using highly intuitive platforms like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace.

Financial Investment: $
Time Investment: High
Best for: Tech-savvy small business owners with basic website needs and little to no marketing budget.

Pros: Total control over site; low to no cost; very easy to learn and use
Cons: Limited functionality; results limited by your own tech, design, and copy expertise

The Better Alternative for Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

What if you don't have enough time or tech savvy for the DIY option, but don't have enough of a budget for the Fancy or Standard options? 

Many solo entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals looking to build a personal brand online don't have advanced website needs or enough time to figure out a whole new website building software on their own. (And, frankly, those who do have the time to DIY may not have the experience in design, writing, and user experience to make their website both beautiful and effective!) That's where we come in. 

As ex-freelancers who built websites for ourselves before starting a business, Sunbird's co-founders understand the challenge of balancing beauty with functionality, ease of use with flexibility. That's why we recommend a low-cost hybrid of the DIY/Standard methods: the Sunbird Option. 

Here's how the Sunbird Option works: Let us set up your site on an easy-to-use platform, and then teach you how to maintain it yourself over time. You get the best of both worlds: an expertly designed, low-maintenance site that doesn't break the bank.

So why do we use Squarespace instead of Wix or Weebly? Not all easy-to-use platforms are equal. We believe that the website needs of 95% (educated guess) of solo entrepreneurs and small business owners can be met with either Squarespace (for service businesses, personal brands, and simple stores) or Shopify (for e-commerce businesses). Wix and Weebly are similar platforms, but with fewer features and flexibility–especially with the free plans. Plus they're a lot clunkier to use. Squarespace's award-winning templates and Shopify's powerful back-end technology put them way above alternatives in our eyes.



Let an experienced team build a branded site for you on Squarespace, then maintain it yourself over time.

Financial Investment: $
Time Investment: Low
Best for: Solo entrepreneurs and small business owners with basic to moderate website needs and a small marketing budget.

Pros: Get design, copywriting, and branding expertise in one; easy-to-use platform; low-maintenance site
Cons: Not unlimited features; costs money ($1,000+ to set up and $12-26/mo to maintain)

Curious about how much a Sunbird website costs? Fill out our Website Inquiry Form to get a custom quote!