What Is a Brand Profile?


Our Definition: A written synopsis of your business’ identity

Official definition: There is no official definition for “brand profile.” Welcome to the Wild Wild West of terminology!

Origins: The idea of a profile as the drawing of an outline emerged in the 1650s. In the 1700s, people started using the term to refer to a biographical sketch or character study. Only in the last few decades have brands been “profiled.”

A brand profile is not:

  • Easy to create. Just because the end result is concise, doesn’t mean you can complete the process it in an hour! As Steve Jobs attested, “Simple can be harder than complex.”

  • Just an exercise. Your brand profile is the carefully crafted outline of your business’ identity. If you let it rot at the bottom of a stack of old files, it won’t do you much good. Don’t confuse your customers and waste your time rebranding yourself anew each time you write an email or post on social media.

  • Limiting. Does giving a newborn a name stunt her growth? How will she understand herself in 10 years without one? Nailing down a brand profile doesn’t put your business in a box; it frees you from needing to make your business anything other than what it is.