What Is a Touchpoint?


Our definition: An experience that shapes the perception of your brand.

Official definition: "Any point of contact between a buyer and a seller (Oxford Dictionaries).

Origins: While "touchpoint" has technically been around since 1600, the word didn't gain traction until after 1980.

A touchpoint is not:

  • The way you experience your own brand. As a business owner, you always have to think from the perspective of your customers. If no one but your best friend has ever seen your amazing business card, it’s not really a touchpoint (yet)!
  • Limited to certain modes of communication. Touchpoints include every kind of experience people have with your business, from meeting you face-to-face to receiving an invoice from your employee. Experiences include personal interaction, physical products and marketing materials, social media messages, office or storefront spaces, and even word of mouth.