Brand Strategy for Juliana Estrella

Sunbird Creative's Brand Profile service was absolutely necessary for my business. The process was enlightening in that the questions they provided me with, made me think of my business from a different perspective.

Who is Juliana Estrella?

Juliana Estrella's fitness students call her a firecracker. To her clients, she's known for her energy and spunk. But unlike a firecracker, Juliana doesn't fizzle out. As anyone who works closely with her knows, she's a powerhouse on a mission. 

Juliana, who was a successful fitness professional, had been sitting on a business idea for years. She was happy working with the clients she had, but she felt she could do so much more. As she wrote weeks before reaching out to us:

Sometimes you have to stop waiting for the "right time" to do something. If your heart continuously screams "ACTION" towards a project or goal you have in mind, you must act upon it. Even if you don't know where it's going to take you or you still don't have a clear vision, do it.

It was in this spirit that Juliana reached out to the Sunbirds. Gathering in the corner of a cozy coffeeshop to meet for the first time, Mara and I were immediately infected by her passion and openness. Fitness was clearly not just a career for her. After overcoming two eating disorders, she was on a mission to change the focus of fitness. It doesn't have to be about getting "shredded" or looking like a supermodel. At its best, fitness is a mind-body experience that can change your whole life for the better.

Benefits of the Brand Profile process

Some business owners start with a clear picture of a product or service and work backwards to figure out what problem it solves or desire it fulfills. Defining a mission statement can be difficult for them. Juliana is the opposite: the kind of entrepreneur who starts with a mission and struggles to define the path to fulfilling it.

Doing the Brand Profile gave Juliana a chance to lay out all the thoughts that had been swimming around in her head for years. Just doing the workbook had immediate effects.

I am so incredibly grateful to these questions because they've brought to light that I don't actually want some of the things I thought I wanted. 

During our workshops, I showed Juliana the paths that lay before her. Picking one would be difficult. But after defining who she most wanted to work with and how she was wonderfully different from other fitness personalities, the decision became much more clear.

Moving forward

Juliana was not the same person coming out of the Brand Profile process as she was going in. She thought she would be building a brand for a new fitness studio, and instead discovered that she wanted to develop the brand she was already building around herself. We're very excited to see how the edgy new brand Juliana Estrella Fitness helps young women create their realidad!