Design Consultation

What is it?

Do you need with the designs of your business? Book a session with Mara and we can address the following:

  • Is the styling of your brand coherent?

  • Are there deeper issues with the look and feel of your brand?

  • Are there quick fixes you can make to improve your website?

  • How can you create a look for an upcoming event?

  • How can you create coherent social media content?

During our session, we may spend time discussing your brand designs, or Mara may spend time working on assets right away if needed.

How does it work?

  1. Book your session through Calendly

  2. In booking your session, write a description of what you would like to address during our consultation

  3. Show up for our consultation!

  4. Receive an email detailing your next steps after our consultation


Location: Common Good Harlem

Investment: $100/hour