What is branding?

Branding draws out the strengths and personality of a business. The process captures and communicates a business’ unique identity.

See other useful definitions, from SEO to target market, on our blog.

Why should I brand my business?

Just like every person has a reputation, every business is a brand. The question is whether or not you’re going to consciously build your brand. Business owners who neglect their brand…

· Put their business’ reputation at risk
· Appear less credible and professional
· May lose sight of their vision and mission
· Blend in with other businesses

Like communication, branding is an important “soft” skill in business: hard to measure, dangerous to ignore.

What is a branding agency?

A branding agency is a group of professionals dedicated to building the brands of other businesses.

What’s the difference between branding & marketing?

Branding is part of marketing; in fact, it’s sometimes called a marketing strategy. Marketing is everything you do to understand, communicate with, and sell to buyers. Branding focuses on what your business is and what it stands for, so that communication and sales efforts are effective.



What does Sunbird Creative do, exactly?

As a branding agency, we bring entrepreneurs the same strategies, skills, and manpower that big brands like Coca Cola have at their disposal. Well, maybe not as much manpower...

We help small business brands get to the next level, whether that means developing the identities of new brands, auditing existing brands, or creating on-brand content (through design, writing, photo/video, and social media management).

I’ve never worked with a consultant/freelancer/agency before. What should I expect?

It can be a bit scary at first to share your thoughts and struggles with an “outsider.” We try our best to listen to, encourage, and make you feel comfortable—without BSing you. We do our best to lay out expectations clearly and are always open to questions about anything!

I worked with an agency and it didn’t go well. Why take a chance on Sunbird?

Many of our clients have worked with some kind of consultant or designer online or in person. What makes us different is that we really care about our clients, we’re clear about what we can and cannot do, and our pricing and policies are fair.

What companies/industries do you work with?

We work with small B2C and B2B businesses selling products and/or services. Our clients come from a huge range of industries: apparel, food, beauty, restaurant, wellness, entertainment, finance, consulting, medical products, and fitness.

Our specialty is setting up brands for first-time entrepreneurs with a viable product or service. But we love supporting businesses in the growth stage with excellent, strategic content!

I’m not based in NYC. Can I still work with you?

All of our services are currently available to anyone around the world.

When it comes to communication, what can I expect?

Typical of Millennials, we’re big on email and face-to-face meetings and tend to avoid the phone. (We love connecting in-person, but we also love efficiency!)

We generally reply to emails within 24 hours and do our best to structure conversations online and off so that you can get the most value for your time.

What makes Sunbird Creative different from other agencies?

We’re a small, women-run company committed to making the agency experience accessible to entrepreneurs. That’s why we run a lean operation with innovative services and a big dose of transparency.

We also like to joke that our brand has big ears. We truly care about the businesses we work with and are invested in their long-term success.



I think I need branding help but I’m not sure. Where should I start?

Anyone with a business idea or a new business (one year old or less) should consider building a basic brand identity!

What’s your turnaround time?

It depends on the project! Designs typically take 48 hours. Strategy, photo, website, and writing projects take longer to plan and execute. Once we have all the information we need to begin, our projected turnaround times are as follows.

Graphic Design: 1-2 business days
Brand Profile feedback: 2 business days
Digital Brand Audit: 2 business days
Slim Marketing Plan: 1 week
Website: 2 weeks

Could you start working with me right away?

During most of the year, we can begin working with our clients immediately. However, many of our services require input and information from you before we begin our services!

What happens if I don’t like the end result?

We do what we do so that you can confidently share your brand with the world! If you feel anything less than totally content with the outcome of our services, we want to know and will try to make it right.

For strategy services: Money back guarantee
We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the Brand Profile, Digital Brand Audit, and Slim Marketing Plan. Tell us within 30 days of purchase that you’re not satisfied with the outcome and we’ll refund your payment in full.

For design or writing services: Buy extra drafts
When we first start working together, it may take a few drafts to settle on a style or tone that both you and your target market will love. That’s why our design services have 2 rounds of feedback built in, and our writing services have 1 round of edits. If you’re not satisfied by the third draft (design) or second draft (writing), you can get new drafts based on more feedback for $50/round.

For photo/video or social media: Case-by-case
Tell us why you’re dissatisfied with the outcome and we’ll make it right if at all possible.

Will I own the rights to the work you create for me?

Yes! Once we deliver the final files for any project, you will own all rights to the finished work. If you cancel a project before it’s done, you won’t own the rights to the drafts created.

Can you help me with trademarks/IP?

We can direct you to useful resources and are currently looking for an IP lawyer to refer clients to. But we are not legal professionals and cannot give you instruction about legal matters.

What aspects of marketing can you help me with?

We’re specialists in setting up new brands and creating branded content. That includes:
· Brand strategy
· Marketing plans
· Websites
· Marketing materials
· Blogs
· Photo/video
At this time, we can’t help you with:
· Executing paid advertising campaigns
· Advanced SEO
· Web development from scratch

Do you offer custom quotes?

Yes! If you have a specific branding/marketing need, reach out to us with details and we’ll send you a personalized quote for our services.

What do you expect from a client?

Branding and marketing are highly collaborative processes. They require trust and good communication from both ends.
At the beginning of any project, we rely on clients to provide us with the information only they have about their business. It's the only way we can capture it accurately! During any design process we need feedback on drafts of our work, so we can converge on a design that you like and, more importantly, that your target audience/market will love.
We ask clients to trust and to be patient -- with themselves and with the creative process. We welcome questions, concerns, and objections at any time. No question is too dumb, and no problem is pointless! The success of our work requires good communication throughout, so we try hard to structure our relationship in a way that's productive for everyone!

Do designs include printing?

We can send your designs to a printer and have them shipped to your location for an appropriate additional cost.

I’d like to start a blog. Can you help me?

We can help build your blog’s brand identity, from your focus and target market to your site design. We also offer blog writing services for $0.20/word.

Can you build my website from scratch?

Because we’re focused on small business branding and branded content, we have no web developers on our team. We empower our clients to manage their own websites after we’ve set them up, which is why we choose to use the powerful Shopify and Squarespace platforms.

Can you help me with business development or planning?

At this time, we don’t create business plans or offer formal business development consulting. However, our brand strategy and marketing plan services are interlinked with and essential to the rest of your business plan.

What are your payment terms?

Small projects require full payment upfront. For larger projects, we require a 25% deposit before we begin the work (we’ll invoice you!) and the remaining 75% within 30 days of completion. We accept credit card, check, and PayPal payments.

Do you give refunds?

We have a 100% money back guarantee for our Brand Profile, Digital Brand Audit, and Slim Marketing Plan services. We can’t promise a refund for our design, photo/video, writing, or social media services, though we promise to do our best to make any issue right.

I want to work with you. How do I get started?

Great question! To truly understand what you are looking for. We want to get to know you and your business first. So get in touch and let's get the ball rolling!