Brand Profile Service

Brand Profile Service


Creating a Brand Profile is the first step in your branding journey. Get ready to transform your brilliant but fragmented thoughts into a crystal-clear business identity with the help of an insightful guide.

This service includes:

  • 1-on-1 Workshop with Brand Strategist (90 minutes)
  • Brand Profile Workbook PDF
  • Brand Profile Workbook Online
  • Email support

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Take the first step in your branding journey with a trusted guide

The Brand Profile is Sunbird's flagship product and the solution to 90% of confusion-induced headaches among business owners! (Research pending.)

Creating your Brand Profile with a strategist's input...

  • Shows you where your passions meet a real need
  • Empowers you to craft a compelling pitch
  • Leads to breakthrough levels of clarity and focus
  • Pinpoints what makes you & your business stand out
  • Gives you full access to all our other services

If you’re building a business or rethinking your brand, the Brand Profile service leads to the clarity and confidence you need for long-term success. 

What does a Brand Profile look like?

The Brand Profile includes all the elements at the core of your business and marketing strategy. Most of these pieces are floating around in your head or corners of a notebook. Thinking through them carefully and putting them in one place puts you leagues ahead of most entrepreneurs in clarity and purposefulness.


An example of what NYC's Brand Profile might look like!


The elements of a Brand Profile are:

Vision: Your big, hairy, long-term goal.
Mission: Your business' day-to-day purpose.
Ethics: The values your business lives by. 
Core Offerings: The specific products or services you’re known for.
Target Markets: The customers you love and are loved by in return.
Competitors: Where else your market goes to get what you give.
Personality: The combination of traits that come through in all you do.
Unique Value Proposition: That special something that makes people fall in love with you.

What good does having a Brand Profile do?

“Wow. It’s like 30% of my stress just evaporated. I feel a little bit light-headed.” – Mashood Oshodi, founder and CEO of Agogo Interactive, moments after finishing his Brand Profile

If you’re an entrepreneur at the early stages of your venture, you know you could use a clear mind and sharper focus. Consider the following diverse visionaries and business owners whose lives were changed for the better after getting that clarity through the Brand Profile...

  • A service-based business owner captured more leads in one month than the previous 6 months, once she could articulate what made her business unique.
  • A personal trainer with entrepreneurial dreams finally started writing a business plan to reach her goals, now that she could articulate those goals clearly.
  • A first-time tech entrepreneur began explaining his offering to people in a way that got them excited—not confused.
  • A beauty business owner ready for a new challenge decided to start a totally different company after realizing her original idea didn’t capitalize on her strengths and passions.

All of these small business owners saved themselves months of confusion, reignited their passion, and set themselves up for long-term success by taking the time to clarify their brand BEFORE making more important decisions.

How the Budget Brand Profile Service works

A complete Brand Profile is the result of soul-searching, research, and deep thought. When you start a Budget Brand Profile process, we'll send you the Brand Profile Workbook to start you on the journey. After you've completed the Workbook, we come alongside you to refine the Brand Profile until it encapsulates your business perfectly.

Budget Brand Profile Steps

  1. Buy the service from our store
  2. Receive the Brand Profile Workbook PDF & link
  3. Complete the Brand Profile Workbook & share your answers*
  4. Schedule a 90-minute workshop with our Brand Strategist
  5. Collaborate to finalize a powerful Brand Profile

*Before your workshop, the Brand Strategist will study your answers carefully and come prepared to lead a fruitful conversation based on insight and strategic thinking.

A sneak peek at the Brand Profile Workbook

A sneak peek at the Brand Profile Workbook


About the Brand Strategist

Bianca is an entrepreneur with a writing & editing background. She graduated summa cum laude from NYU with a literature degree before putting her passion for language to work in business. She's always had a knack for drawing out and polishing the ideas and thoughts of other people.

Bianca has worked with entrepreneurs ages 22 through 75, from students to millionaires, as a writer and strategist. Their stories have shown her that success is not a formula. Success is being able to leverage your unique strengths to create something amazing. After 5 years of working with a spectrum of business owners, that is exactly what she can do.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Brand Profile has helped every entrepreneur who’s taken the risk of creating one. We’re so confident that it will be a turning point for you and your business that we’ll give you your money back if you aren’t genuinely surprised by the amount of insight, clarity, and confidence you’ve gained by the end of the process. If you aren’t surprised, simply email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your payment.

You’re ready to become a confident small business owner

“I wish I knew about this before I started my first business!” - Zahra Mamdani, journalist & founder of Central Park Aesthetics & Laser

Ready to end the frustrating cycle of thoughts that lead nowhere and start building a brand that speaks to paying customers?

Create your own Brand Profile alongside a Brand Strategist and...

  • Move past that “stuck” feeling
  • Explain your business in a way that excites your customers
  • Get the clarity that only a compassionate outside perspective can give you

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Within 48 hours you will receive the Brand Profile Workbook so you can begin the journey, with us at your side, that leads to a clear head and fresh passion for your business. For $250, you will save yourself months of frustration and lost sales opportunities.

Ready to free yourself from frustration?

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