Brand Profile

Brand Profile


Need clarity? A Brand Profile is a strategic document that defines the most important elements of your brand in one page. It captures what makes you irresistible to your target market. The collaborative process of creating your Brand Profile taps into your knowledge as well as our insight, resulting in a crystal clear brand foundation.

*Note: As soon as you purchase a Brand Profile service, you will receive a BP Workbook to begin working on immediately! However, Brand Profile workshops may not be available for 2+ weeks from the time of purchase. If timing is an issue, contact us to learn our availability.


  1. Complete the Brand Profile Workbook and schedule your workshop

  2. During our 2-hour, 1-on-1 Brand Profile strategy workshop, you'll receive insights and suggestions about your brand strategy based on a deep understanding of you and your vision.

  3. Receive your Brand Profile within 2 days of your workshop.


  • Brand Profile (a one-page summary of your brand)

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