Style Guide

Style Guide

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Style guidelines are the secret to to better brand recognition. Because it takes a person 50 milliseconds to form a first impression, the look of your content really matters. This reference guide for your marketing materials, from websites to to flyers, makes sure that all your communications stay professional and distinct.

Warning: We do believe that the best Style Guides are created through a comprehensive process (our Brand Identity Packages), but if you are confident in knowing what your business & brand is about and succinctly communicating that to us, then let's create this guide!


  1. Schedule a Brand Asset Consultation to discuss your business and vision

  2. Receive 2 concepts within 1 week & provide feedback

  3. Receive the next round of edits within 2 days & provide feedback

  4. Receive your Style Guide!


  • Mini Style Guide (PDF) includes:

    • Favicon

    • Brand style board

    • Brand color (HEX codes)

    • Brand fonts (including font files)

  • Full Style Guide (PDF) includes:

    • All of the above

    • Logo usage

    • Imagery guidelines

    • Social media guidelines

    • Brand pattern

    • Custom graphics/icons

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