The Style Guide Toolkit

The Style Guide Toolkit

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Elevate your brand with consistent imagery, colors, and fonts.

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A Style Guide is the basis for a brand’s visual consistency. A Style Guide is especially important for small businesses because most cannot afford to have a design or marketing department dedicated to making sure all their brands’ materials present the same look and feel to their customers.

We highly recommend working with an experienced designer to explore the implications of your font and color choices before finalizing your brand, this toolkit can help you begin the process. It will help you create an essential Style Guide, with detailed and specific instructions (including links to free resources) for choosing your:

  • Inspiration board

  • Brand colors

  • Brand fonts

You’ll be glad you created a Style Guide when you can have an informed conversation with a designer, or when you can create a flyer without wasting time agonizing over each styling decision. And your customers will thank you for keeping all your assets clear and consistent.