Personal Brand Profile Workbook

Personal Brand Profile Workbook


Apply some business savvy to your personal identity. This digital workbook will help you articulate what makes you an amazing professional, freelancer, creative, or consultant. When you take ownership of your personal brand, you take ownership of your work and passion.

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What is a "Personal Brand"?

Your personal brand is the reputation you have beyond your inner circle of friends and family. Celebrities like Beyoncé and Barack Obama have very powerful and carefully crafted personal brands, but you have a personal brand too. The question is: are you consciously building your brand, or are you leaving it to chance?

Becoming aware of your strengths and personality, as well as how others see you, is absolutely essential to meeting difficult goals in life. (Don't know how to define your goals? The workbook will help you with that too!) If you're a skeptic like our strategist Bianca was, it's time to embrace the power of personal branding! Wear your reputation like a #boss.

What's in the Personal Brand Profile Workbook?

The process of taking ownership of your personal brand can be very emotional and overwhelming. But doing a workbook is simple! When you commit to simply answering the questions for each step, you're taking the burden off yourself. Your job goes from figuring out your whole life to being honest and diligent for a few hours. After completing the workbook, you'll feel empowered and clear-headed -- and you'll have just received a hands-on education in branding to boot! 

The Personal Brand Workbook leads you through 10 steps to creating a powerful personal identity in your industry and online. Each step includes 6-10 exercises that will help you think about yourself from new perspectives. 

Step 1: Goals. What do you want to get done?
Step 2: Values. What do you care most about?
Step 3: Mission. What's your endgame?
Step 4: Roles. What hats do you wear?
Step 5: Credibility. Why should people trust you?
Step 6: Personality. What traits do you delight the world with?
Step 7: Skills. What do you do well?
Step 8: Relationship Web. Who are your advocates, partners, mentors, and target audience?
Step 9: Differentiators. What makes you unique?
Step 10: Elevator Pitch. How do you tell people who you are in 2 sentences?
Step 11: Headline. What job title do you want to give yourself?
Step 12: Implementation. What steps will you take to strengthen your brand?

What does a Personal Brand Profile look like?

After completing the exercises in the workbook (with all associated soul-searching and research!), you'll be ready to create a one-page summary of your personal brand. Our Personal Brand Profile captures all the important aspects of your public identity in one place, so that you have a handy reference for pitching yourself, creating content, and expanding your network.


Ready to take ownership of your personal brand?

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